About Us

We have been inseparable since the day we met..... Sisters, besties, partners in crime, and now in business
We have known each other for as long as we can remember. Over the years, we had great ideas, and big plans.  We had all kinds of new ventures we were going to create.  And, yes we never did.  We both got busy with our corporate jobs, and never had time to do more.  Then, there was the pandemic. When we had the lock down, and we had more time, not to mention the need to feel healthy, we got together and started researching.  What we found really surprised and annoyed us. 

Almost all the products we were using had junk inside.  Lots of good ingredients mixed with small amounts of ingredients that are bad for us. But, because they are in small amounts, they are approved and safe for use.  "Well… don’t know about you, but that doesn’t really cut it for us….  Bad is bad, and we don’t want any."   The more research we did, the more disappointed we became. 

That’s how it all begun. We started making and using our own clean and organic products. Our family fell in love with our lip balms, body butters, shower steamers, bath bombs, and face oils. The word got around fast, and very soon orders started flooding in.   

And our first launched beauty product Hula Girl Lip Balm was born.